Game Buster

My goal with Game Buster was to design a universal way to access cheats in TI-BASIC programs, similar to Game Genie or Game Shark. The thought was, if it caught on, people would prefer Game Buster compatible programs, and developers could cross promote their games as such.
Unfortunately, it didn't catch on. Mostly because it required a large investment from the developer without providing any real gain, since nobody else used it. Think "network effect" gone sour.
Technically, a better system would be to store cheats in the Ans instead of a list. The advantages here would be, even if somebody doesn't have the Game Buster program, they could still enter cheats just by typing a certain number before they run the program. Also, obviously, storing variables in the Ans takes up less memory and requires less code than storing lists.
Anyway, everything here is provided for posterity. If you're interested in my system or think it has potential, you're more than welcome to steal all of my code and slap your name on it.

Enter Code
Here you will be prompted to enter the codes you will use.  This is rather
basic.  Press 0 when you have finished.

If you select "Code Generator", exit GBPro, and run a program,
GBPro will find what (if any) codes will work with that program.

Chosing RESET, exiting GBPro, and runing a GB compatible program will 
result in target program deleting ALL data saved by that program.

This is no longer a separate program, but part of prgmA1GB

Clear Codes
This will disable ALL codes currently entered.

This will exit GBPro so you can run the program you entered codes for.

A calculator
A Graph Link, a friend with a graph link, or twenty bucks to buy a graph link.

Send A1GB.8xp and ISUB.8xp to your TI-83+ or
Send A1GB.83p and ISUB.83p to your TI-83.
To send to your calculator, read that stupid on-line documentation
that came with your graph link software.  If you can't figure out
how to install something on your calc, this may not be the best
program for you.  Maybe try something like... I dunno.

  • prgmA1GB       Game Buster itself
  • prgm0000ISUB

Information about files
Run this program when you want to enter Game Buster codes. You can
enter up to six codes at a time.  Enter 0 to end.

This program is now part of prgmA1GB and no longer included in zip file.

This program is used by GameBuster, and many other Integer software programs.

Known Bugs
This is the third release of Game Buster.  Despite this I doubt there are any bugs, but if there are, I can't be held responsible for any harm that could come to your calculator, information stored on your calculator, or anything else.  Game Buster is freeware.

  • Please read this whole file before reporting a bug.
  • If you find a bug, e-mail me at

Project Started: 20000920 4th period in World History

Version 1.0 <> 20000923
        TI-83 size:     1688 bytes (1675 once ungrouped)
        TI-83+ size:    1621 bytes (1604 once ungrouped)
        -First release!

Version 1.1 <> 20000930
TI-83 size:     477 bytes (less once installed)
TI-83+ size:    481 bytes (less once installed)
-"Unscrambled" the code in an effort to reduce total size.
-prgm00GM nolonger included, it did nothing.
-Fixed bug that caused lowercase letters to display wrong.
-Full program is uppercase.

Version 2.0 <> 20001007
TI-83 size: less than 4k (still less once installed)
TI-83+ size: less than 4k (still less once installed)
-Letters can now be entered as codes!
-NEW FEATURE! "Code Genorator" and "RESET" System Variables.
-"FINDCODE" integrated with main program.
-0000ISUB added for ease of developing.
-Cool new look.

Read gbdev.txt

Thanks to Ben, Ross, Tim, Kevin, and everyone else at IS, KJM for being 
cool, Detached Solutions ( for MirageOS, all 
the developers of BASIC programs without whom Game Buster would have never
come about.  Also, thanks to Justin, Stacy, Brad, Durell, and everyone
else that's ever let me take their calculator home to "un-crash" it.
Thanks to you, the users of Game Buster for...  Never mind, you guys
didn't do jack for me!  Forget that.
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